Co-owner of a family business
2021-12-22 23:35:30

bakery with 90 years of tradition at Warsaw market

The company has been using the support of Business Consulting (search & selection) since 2015 in the field of recruitment for middle and senior management positions: Production Plant Director, Commercial Director, Technologist, Confectioner Technologist, Bakery Technologist.


The Consultants of Business Consulting (search & selection) when starting cooperation with us, visited our plant, getting to know all members of the Management Board, conducted detailed talks with us, trying to understand the specificity of the traditionally managed family own business, its character, culture and work style before they initiated the recruitment process. This resulted in the selection and appropriate matching of candidates to our organization not only in terms of competences but also personality. The recruitment was carried out very professionally, according to the planned schedule and we were kept informed about the progress of the process. When selecting the final candidate in each recruitment, the consultants of the companies supported us with their excellent knowledge of the candidates, which helped in the final decisions.


With full conviction to all those looking for a highly personalized and very committed approach to the entire recruitment process, we can recommend Business Consulting (search & selection) and its representatives, who could understand the needs of the company very well, in our case, a family company with traditions, and choose accordingly the valuable employees with a benefit for the company on long term basis.

President of the Managment Board
2021-12-22 18:29:30

of a software company / expert in IT software for petrol stations, recreation / spa & wellness, HoReCa: hotels / gastronomy / restaurants

Over the past year the company XXX has cooperated with Business Consulting (search & selection) several times in the field of recruitment / head-hunting / for the following positions: HR Business Partner; IT Recruitment Expert; IT Marketing Expert; IT Project Manager, Product Owner.


We knew perfectly well that when entering a dynamic development path, with very ambitious plans for further expansion, without properly selected employees in key positions, with high competences, tailored to the organization and organizational culture of the company, it would be very difficult to achieve the set goals.


Business Consulting (search & selection) company significantly contributed to the success of these recruitments, dedicating a lot of time before the recruitment to getting to know the management staff, our expectations and requirements for the newly created positions / roles in the organization, helped us define the appropriate profiles of the new positions, asked the right number of relevant questions to better understand the challenges of the new roles. All this was undoubtedly extremely important to find the right people in a market where there was a constant struggle for talents and encourage them to work in our company.


Today, more than half a year after their employment, we can confidently say that these people have passed a specific test in the period of very dynamic changes in our organization, and that their choice was the right choice.


Business Consulting (search & selection) consultants conducted all recruitments very professionally, in accordance with the schedule, successively informing us about the progress of recruitment, supporting us at every stage and taking care of maintaining the candidates in the process.


I can confidently recommend Business Consulting (search & selection) and its representatives to companies looking for a highly dedicated and individua tailor made approach. I am convinced that, just like us, they will benefit from such cooperation by acquiring the right talents for their organizations.

Member of the Board/Sales and Marketing Director
2019-03-07 16:44:53

Polish real estate development company

Business Consulting (search & selection) is our long-term partner in recruitment for various positions – managing and specialists.

Our collaboration during all projects went on with proper accuracy, practicality and professionalism. The recommended candidates were matching the expectations with regards to the competence profile, as well as our corporate culture, which effectively enriched our team with very valuable employees.

Last year we extended the scope of our collaboration with Business Consulting (search & selection) to the business coaching services conducted by Ms Iwona Szybka. Coaching sessions were preceded by defining the company’s and employee’s goals (a middle-line manager). During the individual meetings Ms Iwona was accompanying the employee in her development, in building soft skills and managerial capacity, which had direct impact on the manner and quality of her performance.

With full certainty I can recommend Business Consulting (search & selection) as a reliable and solid partner, offering services at the highest quality level.