Premiere of the book 'Agile Talent' in Poland

Business Consulting (search & selection) is promoting the Polish edition of the book "Agile Talent" by Ralf Knegtmans about the Talents of future!


Premiere of the book 'Agile Talent' in Poland
2019-04-18 17:15:07

Business Consulting (search & selection) in cooperation with (the Polish Publisher - Imprintmedia) and under the patronate of Harvard Business Review Poland has a pleasure to anounce the premiere of the Polish version of the best-seller book in Dutch market "Agile Talent" - the latest one of an expert in the field of executive search, leadership and human resources management, Ralf Knegtmans.

"Agility is best defined by speed, flexibility and constant movement" It consists of: - quickness and cunning, which allow the company to react to emerging opportunities in advance, - endurance that allows to cope with the growing market and strong volatility, unpredictable changes. "

The author of "Agile talent" applies this definition to "talented people who have the ability to quickly and effectively adapt to changing conditions and circumstances", the so-called future Talents.

Business Consulting (search & selection) celebrates its 20th anniversary
2019-04-18 17:15:00

We have a great pleasure to share with you, our joy on the occasion of the 20th birthday of Business Consulting (search & selection), which we celebrate this year!

On behalf of the whole Team, THANK YOU to all those thanks to whom we can celebrate such a round anniversary today!

Annual CIG conference - Bangkok 2018
2018-09-07 09:56:36

Bangkok! Beautiful place… That was, where we’ve met faces representing new Cornerstone offices: Manila, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Seattle. Actually, some of them we’ve already known. Binay Kumar was successfully operating in India togother with Vijay Karkare – now, changed his headhunting spot for Seattle in Washington state. Smiliarly Diego Cubas; after years of cooperation within his family circle in Peru, which yielded into 3 CIG awards in subsequent years 2008-2010, he himself opened an office in Mexico City. Brave step, Diego.