Premiere of the book 'Agile Talent' in Poland

Business Consulting (search & selection) is promoting the Polish edition of the book "Agile Talent" by Ralf Knegtmans about the Talents of future!


Costa Rica – another member of Cornerstone
2018-08-27 17:27:59

Next, after Philippines, CIG welcomed Costa Rica. If we take a glance at our Europocentric map of the world, these are two extremes. But in terms of culture they appear to share some common features, for instance, both don’t mark out hierarchy in professional contacts and both take decisions on consensual basis. For this matter Costa Rica differs from its Latin American neighbours. We’ve already lost count of the Cornerstone members. We are happy that our community is growing. Each new member introduces its own local colour, meanwhile we all represent similar values in business.

Welcome our new office in Philippines!
2018-07-24 14:32:08

A new office has been established recently in Manila. Cornerstone follows the economic growth tendency of Asia. Optimus Executive Search Solutions has confirmed its efficiency through 8 years participating in the local market. Arvi Perez, the Head of company, operates clients from industries related to finances, whereas technology and FMCG is handled by the Vice-President, Marmi Perez.

Cornerstone International Group has launched a new website to support its clients in Executive Recruiting and Leadership Development.
2017-07-28 10:51:05

The new website provides intuitive access to all the groups, as well as to Leadership Development services including Executive Coaching, Onboarding, Board & CEO Advisory Services and a variety of targeted Assessment procedures.


To learn more, visit https://www.cornerstone-group.com